Titanium scrap

Titanium which is in junk cars near me is considered one of the “space” metals.  its applications, in addition to the aerospace industry, include:

The oil and gas industry;
Electrical industry;

Automotive industry and others.

Titanium scrap is light in weight, refractory, resistant to various aggressive factors including high temperatures, high electrical resistance, ductility and strength. The color is silvery white.

As a rule, both titanium itself and its alloys are used in the industry, as addition of various elements can considerably change its properties. So it is possible to increase its strength, resistance to friction and wear, i.e. to give it properties that are most demanded in the production. Metallurgical industry producing titanium and its alloys is a technologically complicated and expensive industry, which makes recycling of waste and scrap titanium a profitable and worthy business.

Recyclers, including titanium, receive this metal in the following forms:

Alloyed titanium (its alloys with tin and other metals) in the form of fragments and unusable parts;
Unalloyed titanium, also in the form of fragments, or ingots that have undergone primary remelting;
Production wastes involving this metal: shavings, sawdust, etc.
The price of scrap metal depends on the category it falls under and may vary considerably. Acceptance of waste, shavings and scrap titanium is a profitable procedure both for those who sell it and those who accept it due to the high value of this metal. In addition to its favorable effect on the economy, this process is also necessary for the environment, because it preserves natural resources and the purity of the environment.

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