The most profitable ways to store car tires

Summer is gradually coming to an end, which means that soon drivers will start thinking about switching to winter tires and scrap prices mississauga. Every motorist will have to solve the problem of storing summer wheels, but here’s how to do it correctly and inexpensively? Za Rulem magazine named the most profitable ways of storing car tires.

Should I buy discs or not?
Many drivers choose to buy only a second set of tires, saving on the purchase of rims. However, this decision has a downside. In particular, you will have to remove the tire and put it on the disk twice a year, which inevitably leads to tire damage. As a result, after 3-4 years, such a tire can be sent to a landfill. It turns out that buying discs not only fights back with the cost of tire fitting, but also prolongs the life of the tires.

Where is it more convenient to store tires?
The times when tires were stored on the balcony are gradually becoming a thing of the past, as this created many problems. Now almost all large tire shops offer services for storing tires, it costs 1.5 thousand rubles for six months. This is much more convenient than taking your wheels home and washing them in the bathroom, and then smelling the smell of car tires on the balcony. And if there are several cars in the family, then seasonal storage services become a real salvation.

Balcony or garage?
Not everyone is willing to pay for the storage of tires and will prefer to act the old fashioned way. But which is better to choose – a garage or a balcony? In the garage, tires are at risk of contact with moisture, which will negatively affect the properties of the rubber. It seems to be better on the balcony, but even here the tires will have to be protected from sunlight so that the rubber does not become stiff. In any case, it is worth observing the basic rules for storing tires – on disks, wheels are stored in a pile or suspended on a wall, but the tires should simply stand vertically.

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