The advantages of DVR for the car

Now an increasing number of car owners are paying attention to car DVR devices. Such interest is by no means accidental. On the roads there are a lot of unpleasant situations and accidents, which you can be directly involved in. And if the accident was not your fault, the recorded video can be a powerful argument in court to prove innocence. Also, many people are interested in

However, you should know that not every video material will have a legal force. The court will only accept for consideration what is related specifically to your case and obtained absolutely legally.

Undoubted advantages of DVRs

If you are involved in a traffic accident, the following procedure should be followed:

– If you have a DVR installed, be sure to inform witnesses and authorized bodies. The protocol, which will be drawn up by the inspector, should reflect all the information about your device. Model, direction of the camera, time and date of recording. The last points are the most important. Do not forget to set them correctly before each trip. It happens that the officer does not want to reflect this data in the protocol. In that case, document this fact before signing it.
– Be very careful when handing the medium to the inspector. You should do it only in the presence of witnesses. Make sure that all the necessary information about the medium is recorded. That is, what type it is, what is the volume, whether there are characteristic features. All this will allow you to prove in court that your recording is not fake.
– If you have a suspicion that the inspector is in cahoots with the other participants of the road traffic accident, then leave the medium with you. Limit yourself to the record in the protocol. Remember that the court in any case will conduct an examination of your materials for authenticity. If the inspector insists on the transfer of the materials, make a copy. True, not all models of recorders allow you to perform such an operation.
– You can make a copy of the media later and send it to the court. You should do this by registered mail.
– You should know very well how your device works. The court may ask you to explain some of the technical aspects of the recording.
For your recorder to be truly helpful and not a pretty toy in the cabin of the car, you need to be accurate and competent with all video recordings.

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