Almost every car owner wants to see their car not only in good working order, but also very beautiful. But it is not always possible with our roads. Sometimes not only abundance of dirt on the body, but also presence of numerous scratches bothers. They not only spoil the appearance of the steel horse, but also threaten its body. Water, salt, sand, and the chemicals that road workers treat the streets can get into the scratch. All this begins to corrode

the paint, then the primer and then the bare metal. As a result – hello, corrosion. In particularly difficult cases, people even turn to this company:

Therefore, it is not only aesthetically, but also practically important for you to know how to get rid of scratches on the car body. First of all, you should frequently inspect the body to detect fresh scratches and get rid of them as soon as possible. Where do scratches on a car body come from? There are many reasons:

1. Dust, sand, pebbles on the road, they “scratch” the paint coatings and scratch it, leaving a chipping. More scratches are made by bushes, which branches you catch in the woods or in some narrow alley. Still your car may be snagged by bystanders with their bags, or hooligans – this time on purpose. Even on the body may sit a bird with sharp claws, it sometimes runs a cat, etc.

2. Incorrect washing. We strongly advise against washing your car with sponges, dirty rags and plain water. Be sure to use car shampoos, they will prevent the abrasive effect when you drive a rag over the body. By the way, you should only use special rags, and a professional car wash is even better.

So, scratches can have different sizes, shapes and depths. Small scratches, in order to remove them, require a simple polishing. Nowadays, it is very common to polish the body with liquid glass. It is quite durable and profitable way. The compound holds for a very long time, providing the visual effect of a mirror. You can even successfully look into a dark car. Polishing compounds are applied to a completely clean and degreased metal surface. The polishing agent will fill any scratches. This will make the car more beautiful, and the likelihood of corrosion will be noticeably reduced.

If the scratch is deep enough, you should first paint over it with a special pencil or with a small repair product in the form of a bottle of paint and a brush. The main thing is to pick up the paint exactly in the color of the car. When the paint dries, you need to apply varnish and polish the body in the above way.

It may happen that the scratches are not big, but very numerous. Often there are extensive abrasions on the body. Here abrasive polishing with polishing paste is more preferable, as well as a special tool with polishing nozzles. However, often such procedures should not be performed. After all, in this case, a thin layer of paint coating is removed. After the procedure, which should be carried out exclusively in a professional service, it is necessary to cover the body first with paint, and then with liquid glass or wax.

In different situations, the approach to eradicating scratches can be combined.

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