Scratches and chipping on the car body: removal

Car owners regularly wonder how to remove chips and scratches on the car body, what kind of repair to choose and what is its cost. These questions are topical, as every day drivers find chips and scratches on the car body, the origin of which is unknown to them. There are a lot of reasons of scratches on a car: careless driving, badly wetted sponge on a car wash, children in the yard, bad weather and not only. It is not an easy task to keep your car in perfect condition, but it is realistic. Selling a car that makes no sense to repair is another difficult task. You can solve the problem here:

Scratch removal on a car body by polishing

Often car owners, wishing to save money on car repairs, want to remove chips and scratches on the car body with their own hands without painting. The idea is not a good one: you can make the situation even worse.

Polishing – the best way to remove chips and scratches from the body without painting yourself or in a car service center. There are two types of it:

Abrasive polishing. Ideal for removing serious chips and other defects of the car body;

Protective polishing will help hide all small scratches, as well as add shine. It will make your car look like it came from the showroom.

They can be performed using a polishing machine or a cloth with polish. Regarding the first method, the machine can not be used without special knowledge and experience. The second method can be useful to absolutely any car owner.

Before you begin, you need to wash the car with car shampoo, dry it and park it in the shade, away from direct sunlight. Then apply a little polish on the car and make sure that it does not dry out and overheat on the body, otherwise there is a risk of new scratches. Continue to polish so until you achieve the desired result. The instructions on the polish will help to understand this case in more detail.

Remove chips on the body with a pencil

There is a simpler way to repair the body from defects – the use of a specialized car body pencil. It does not require any professional skills, but will allow you to hide minor defects. A visible result will be achieved after a few uses. It is important to first clean the place of damage, degrease and only afterwards paint it.

Main advantages:

Easy to use;

No need to match the color of the car;

Low price.

Important: Will only be able to even out the damage on the paint.

Repair of scratches on the car body by local painting

When deep scratches and chips on the body are more often used alignment with local painting. Initially it is necessary to pick up the paint under the color of the car body.

The course of action depends on the severity of the damage:

If the damage is deep right down to the metal, you need to wash the car and dry it. If there is rust, remove it by hand sanding. After that it is necessary to apply putty and primer, then anticorrosive or protective zinc coating, which will prevent the occurrence of corrosion in the place of damage. The next stage: the application of paint and varnish;

For minor damage it is sufficient to apply primer, paint and varnish, wait until everything dries and continue driving the car with a clean body.

Sometimes, car tuning should be entrusted to professionals who can remove all chips and scratches from the body of any complexity. They use professional equipment and extensive experience, which will allow them to bring the car to a perfect condition. After the qualified masters, the car body will look like from the salon.

How to remove scratches from a car windshield

Glass is probably the most difficult coating to remove defects. It is impossible to remove a deep scratch, which is seriously felt when you hold your hand, on your own, but small scratches are quite realistic. It is enough to have a specialized paste, circles and nozzles.

Beforehand, you need to wash the glass and wipe it dry. Then take the drill, apply the paste and polish the glass at intervals so that it is not heated, periodically treating the glass with water and wiping it dry.

If you want to achieve a flawless result, you can find a car service for scratch and chip removal with affordable prices. Skilled craftsmen can handle the task much better than any car owner.

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