Proper preparation of a motorcycle for storage

Owning a motorcycle is not only a drive, travel and socializing with like-minded motorcycle club, but also a constant care of the bike and scrap cash for cars. In addition to the fact that the motorcycle should be properly and on time to service, it should be stored properly in the off-season, that is, from about October to April. W

e tell you how to prepare your bike for winter storage quickly and correctly.

Step 1: Fill the tank to the top – this is necessary to avoid internal corrosion. Half-empty tank will be susceptible to rust if suddenly the place where the motorcycle is stored will be temperature fluctuations or greatly increased humidity. If there will be gasoline inside the tank – this risk is virtually eliminated.

Step 2. It is not superfluous to add special additives to the fuel, which will protect the metal and preserve the bike – at the beginning of the season the bike will be fully ready to ride.

Step 3: Washing motorcycle is probably the longest and most important step, a lot depends on it. Any residual dirt, moisture, or, worst of all, reagents on the body or wheels of the bike will adversely affect it throughout the winter. Rust can appear, and the gears can simply get sour. So with foam and a jet of water, gently wash your motorcycle and wipe dry with soft rags.

Step 4: Treat the major components. Using WD-40 or silicone grease, treat the main components so they don’t rust and stick.

Step 5: Protect the wiring. Many factors can affect your wiring in the winter: humidity, frost, and even rodents that are eager to leave their teeth marks on your wiring. Scare away mice and protect wires from frost will help you with a protective spray for electrical wiring.

Step 6: Treatment of tires. The rubber should also be treated with a special tire foam. It will help maintain the wear resistance and elasticity of summer rubber.

Step 7: Removing the battery. Since the bike will not start for about half a year, the battery on it is just unnecessary – remove it and put it in a warm place so it does not run out.

Once your bike is properly prepared, it’s best to deposit it in a warm storage facility such as the Attic. Attic staff will come right out to your home and take your motorcycle out of your hands – no need to go anywhere, and you can order very conveniently right on the site in one click or through a mobile app.

Preparing your bike properly for the winter is definitely worth it, so that at the beginning of the season your bike will be awake, well-maintained and ready for furious adventures!

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