Important structures made of metal. The use of cast iron

Today, rolled iron is in high demand and therefore ranks as the most frequently used. Rolled metal is used in industries such as: the construction of tunnels and bridges, engineering, as well as other complex structures. Most of the large premises were built exactly because of rolled steel.
Experience shows that metal is much stronger and more durable, he is not afraid of changes in weather and climate, unlike wood. Metallurgy over time, developed and expanded, so at the present time represents a wide range of products that are so necessary for everyday life. That’s why it’s important t

o recycle your ride.

Cast iron pipes


Irreplaceable product for construction and repair remains a cast-iron pipe. It is used for sewage, water pipes, condensers, heat exchangers, cold installations, gas and oil pipelines. It is very important to take into account the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe, it is necessary to distinguish for what purposes the design is intended. Pipes are in turn divided into pressure and sewage pipes. Pressure pipes have the following dimensions: diameter from 65 mm and up to 400 mm, wall thickness of 7.4 mm and 13, 8 mm. Sewer are diameters from 50 mm to 150 mm and a pipe thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm. The advantage of such pipes is resistance to corrosion, which is often formed on the metal. In this case, additional coatings serve as protection, they are applied during production: epoxy resin; cement-sand, which eliminates the appearance of biological and mineral deposits; anti-corrosion mastic, specially designed to combat this problem.


In addition to all the advantages of cast iron pipes there are also some disadvantages, they include:

the inability to bend; small impact strength; heavy weight. To eliminate the disadvantages use the modification of

cast iron, a special preparation is added to the melt, it helps to improve the quality of the alloy.

Rectangular pipes


Very often you can see not only pipes, but also other materials and sections. More and more during construction projects, rectangular or square pipes are used. Rectangular pipes have a lot of advantages, unlike other rolled products. The main advantage is the weight of the pipe, it is light and therefore does not require additional construction during installation. Also, rectangular pipes can be easily coated with any coating, from lacquer and protective, to fire protection and

anti-corrosion. Less material is used to make the pipes, which makes the difference in price significant.

Pipes can be used almost everywhere, for example, to use them as connectors in the power frame or as a support. They are widely used in the construction of various industrial buildings, power plants, hangars, steel mills. In recent years, pipes are used in the manufacture of furniture. They are used to make frames, thus saving money and simplifying the work. Profiles can be seen very often, they are used to make trade tents and even billboards for advertising.

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