How to park your car to make it easier for everyone? Here are some tips

Parking a car is such a common activity that almost no one pays attention to it. Meanwhile, following a few simple rules will make parking easier for everyone. They are here. Scrap car removal just as common.

In fact, it is impossible to skillfully and safely use a car if you cannot park it. This maneuver is part of the standard for everyday use of the car, even if we leave it “outdoors” in a large yard.

Nowadays, parking has become such a complex art, as modern cars “grow” far and wide, that does not go hand in hand with the size of parking spaces – both “old” and systematically added. In addition, there is a problem with their availability, especially in large cities, where it is impossible to park without stress, even in front of the house. Problems arise regularly during peak hours, incl. under supermarkets and shopping centers. However, parking is still a routine activity, performed up to a dozen times a day.

Meanwhile, many drivers do not take parking seriously enough, especially those who are more experienced “behind the wheel”. And parking can be made easier for everyone. Sometimes it only takes a moment to think before the described maneuver can be performed. At the same time, it is important to think not only about yourself, but also about others. By following a few easy-to-remember rules, we will make life easier for all drivers (and passengers). However, we do not hide the fact that for their implementation it is necessary to skillfully maneuver the car.

If we feel like we have trouble parking our car, we should practice from time to time in neutral territory, creating substitute obstacles (for example, poles instead of real cars). Here are some good tips on how to park your car every day.

Park to the right of the parking space
Just as it is recommended to drive in the right lane, it is worth practicing parking on the right side of the parking space: then everyone will have enough space to get out of the car, or get into it and put the necessary things. Condition: it must be used by all drivers in the car park.

Alternate parking – front and rear
In such a situation, everything depends on the type of parking of the car, standing next to an empty space. If it is in the front, we must enter it from the back, and vice versa. Then we will reduce the risk of a situation, for example, when people get out of both cars at the same time, which will end with a knock on the door. For this principle to “work”, you need to remember the aforementioned parking on the right side.

Park for large purchases

movement of cars in the parking lot

The above rule will not work if we go to the store with the intention of making large purchases, usually requiring them to be put in the trunk. In such a situation, let’s implement parking with our back to the building, since we can roll up the shopping cart right up.

This will make our life easier by not exposing other vehicles to possible scratches while carrying purchases to the other side of the vehicle.

Do not occupy multiple parking spaces
It happens that at the moment the parking lot is so empty that we stop paying attention to the lines indicating parking spaces, and carelessly park, occupying two or three spaces. We never know if the situation will change in a few hours and if there will be a shortage of free space, so we must take parking lines into account in any situation.

Remember children
When traveling with children, think twice about where to park your car. We must choose a place where we will ensure the safety of children (for example, the child does not go directly into the street) and the ability to get out of the car without exposing another car to damage due to the opening of the door. To do this, it is worth using specially designated places for families with children, located next to some hypermarkets.

Think about yourself, but also about others
When trying to park, check to see if our maneuver will make life difficult for the driver and passengers in the car next to yours.

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