Choosing wheels for your car

If you are faced with the question of what to look for when choosing wheels, this article is for you. But choosing wheels is pointless if it’s time to use the service scrap for cars cash.

Wheel rims differ in two main parameters:

The first parameter determines the dynamics and maneuverability of the vehicle. The second property affects the life of the wheels and the safety of their use. Do not pay much attention when choosing discs to the technical characteristics of the machine, because there is a huge selection of these parts for cars of all types and chassis sizes on the market for a long time.

Discs come in:

light-alloy forged;
Alloy castings.
The former are inexpensive and can be repaired. As for quality, weight and appearance, they are inferior to the second and third types. Because of the heaviness, the car’s ability to maneuver decreases. The appearance of such discs is mediocre. In addition, the trouble of this “stamping” is that it succumbs to rust.

Cast alloy wheels are more attractive. Exclusive discs are made this way.

This type has the following positive characteristics:

relatively less weight;
resistance to corrosion.
The disadvantages include still less strength than that of “stamping”. Where a stamped disk will withstand hitting a pit at high speed, the “cast” can crack.

Forged alloy wheels are very durable. Long life and the ability to withstand high mechanical stresses is about them. The disadvantages include the price, but in this case it justifies itself.

If you like to “drive” and often go on bad roads (hunting or fishing), choose the discs with the biggest number of spokes, since they are the most durable.

In conclusion, three more useful recommendations:

Cover scratches and chips with a coat of varnish – this way you won’t let corrosion take hold of the disc.
Use self-adhesive weights when balancing so you don’t damage the coating on the part.
Before buying the discs you like, check with the insurance company whether such a purchase does not violate the condition of the insurance contract. Do the same if the machine is still under warranty.

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