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Initiative for Urban Aboriginal People (pdf format)

Issues in Urban Corrections for Aboriginal People 
(pdf format)

Sheltering Urban Aboriginal Homeless People

Daniels arguments heard in the Federal Court of Appeal

The Congress of Aboriginals Peoples

Metis Portals

Metis Portal - Rights

More on Metis Portal - Rights

The Native Council of Nova Scotia

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

Metis Nation

Unama’ki College will have an Advisory Board

Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Confederacy of Nova Scotia Métis

Mi'gmaq - Mi'kmaq - Micmac Online Talking Dictionary

Métis and Non-Status Indians

Evaluation of the Test Case Funding Program

The virtual museum of Métis HIistory and Culture

Gas Stations Located on First Nation Land

Aboriginal Language

Métis people (Canada) - Wikipedia

Section 35 of Canada’s Constitution Act (pdf format)

You Tube clip - Indian Talking Stick

Acacia Artisans - The Talking Stick

The talking stick, also called a speaker's staff

Metis socialization and games

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Canadians off reserves

Mikmaq Online

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