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A message from your Chief

The first Métis in Canada is said to be born in the "New France" known today as Nova Scotia, approximately in and around 1628. Métis have always been a strong hard working, fun loving, pleasant person, known to be an entrepreneur distinct indigenous peoples, carrying 40' Birch Bark (masgwi) canoes, through undiscovered dangerous terrain, backpacking food and equipment twice their own weight, who would protect their rights to the death, without restriction or hesitation.

Best known as the "Voyageur" for their reputation, travelling each year 4-5 months at a time, exploring uncharted lands for the purpose of Harvesting, living equally and being recognized by the British Crown as "Aboriginal Indian People's" (Section 91(24), playing an integral part in forging and forming Canada.

Initially settling on our East coast living in harmony with our Mi'kmaq Brothers and Sisters, eventually travelling and settling the unexplored, undiscovered wild West coast, leaving behind their legacy of offspring known today as the Modern Voyageur Métis survivors of Nova Scotia.

Given the hundreds of years of Racism, discrimination and suppression, we still exist thriving in our cities, towns and communities, sharing in our skills, holding on to our customs, culture, dance, song, and Harvesting rights. May our ancestors guide us on our journey to exist as a Métis Nation, at all times respecting our land, water (apaqt), sky and Sun, with the sharing of tobacco giving thanks to
"The Great Creator".


Chief Gregory Burke


Is self-identification essential to being Métis?

Official signing of our treaty with the Metis Federation of Canada in Ottawa.

L'Acadie is known as the very first place in this country that witnessed the birth of a new nation known today as the Mettisage. After hundreds of years of war around them and against them, suffering the great Genocide in 1755, at times held captive in French fortresses as refugee's for decades, used as slave laborers or hunted down for their scalp for money, our people remained strong through it all, our Metis communities survived and still remain strong to this day.
Our ancestors forged their nation by "owning themselves" refusing to be controlled by any government or nation. Our Ancestors remained independent through hundreds of years of wars that surrounded them on their land.

Our ancestors developed the fur and fish industry markets in L'Acadie having their own currency and government as early as the late 1600's. It was our ancestors who provided skilled labor, fish, meat and supplies to the French, to the British and to the New England states as they continued to battle for control over L'Acadie.
Our Metis ancestors are the founding nation that forged the very foundation of the fur industry that catapulted the fur industry across this country, from coast to coast to coast, sharing their skills, tools and knowledge of trapping and hunting to the western provinces as we know them today.

There are huge benefits to you and your family belonging to a Metis community for culture, language and history. Our Supreme Court victory in 2015 brings us closer being able to help our community's through education, health care, employment, drug and alcohol abuse awareness through Federal funding.
Our hope is for one day for our ancestors, to achieve the much deserved respect and recognition for our people from the provincial government.

There are Aboriginal bursaries and grants available through universities and Indspire for our Aboriginal students.
We shall remain our own people. We shall always own ourselves.
Always Identify as Aboriginal. Be a Proud Metis.
We have a strong history to which we should be very proud.
Walk with your head held high with Metis Pride.

In Good Faith
Chief Gregory Burke.

© Bras d'Or Lake Metis Nation